Institutional Consulting - Fiduciary Education and Standards

The six consultant Legacy Strategic Asset Management team has in excess of 150 years of combined investment experience and is very familiar with educational sources in the field of institutional investment consulting. In additional to researching new techniques and developments for speeches, lectures and presentations, we also subscribe to a variety of industry publications and web sites designed to provide institutional consultants with new trends and information about our profession.

We believe that communication with our clients in a timely, accurate, and professional manner is paramount to a good relationship. As such, we strive to keep our clients abreast of information and events that, directly or indirectly, affect their investment program, the beneficiaries our clients represent, and the board members themselves. Specifically, we offer each of our client's a Fiduciary Standards Presentation and an annual Fiduciary review to ensure they are keeping up with prudent standards of care.


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