Institutional Consulting - Institutional Statement of Beliefs

We provide financial consulting services to a select group of institutional investors. Today's complex financial markets present critical challenges for fiduciaries. Managing these challenges requires knowledge, experience and a disciplined process for investing. At Legacy Strategic Asset Management, we believe:

  • Fiduciary standards are critical to the investment process
  • Investment policy must govern investment decisions
  • A strategic asset allocation is preferred over a tactical asset allocation (market timing)
  • Selection of only prudent, qualified professional investment managers
  • Global thinking vs. domestic only
  • The importance of reversion to the mean and an understanding of investment cycles
  • A multi-disciplinary team approach is preferred over individual decision-making
  • Both active and passive (indexing) strategies may have a place in the portfolio
  • All asset classes should be considered
  • Risk is managed by diversification of asset classes
  • Preservation of capital during a downturn is critical