Our Resources

Legacy Strategic Asset Management is a full-service investment consulting practice based in Hudson, OH and supported by the institutional strength of Wells Fargo Advisors and the Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII).

Wells Fargo Investment Institute                                                             

Wells Fargo Investment Institute's team of experienced strategists and analysts has an overiding mission: delivering timely, actionable investment expertise and advice financial professionals can use to help their clients pursue their financial goals.

Global Investment Strategy (GIS)

The Global Investment Strategy Team can help investors understand what's happening now and how to prepare for what may be on the horizon. Asset allocation strategies can assist with building and maintaining a portfolio.

Our team is comprised of 27 professionals with an average of 21 years of industry experience.

Global Manager Research (GMR)

The Global Manager Research team provides in-depth research on investment products that can help financial professionals build investment strategies designed to help pursue clients' financial goals.

Our team is comprised of 30 professionals across the globe with an average of 15 years industry experience.

Global Alternative Investments (GAI)

Global Alternative Investments' analysys and strategists can help qualified, sophisticated investors use alternative invesmtent strategies to potentially improve a portfolio's risk and return characteristics.

Our team is comprised of 60 professionals with an average of 14 years of industry experience.

Global Portfolio Management (GPM)

The Global Portfolio Management team combines asset allocation advice and money manager recommendation from Wells Fargo Investment Institute to provide financial professionals with portfolio strategies that help meet their clients' investment objectives.

Our team is comprised of 9 professionals with an average of 19 years industry experience.


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