About Us - Overview of the firm and history

Legacy Strategic Asset Management is a comprehensive investment consulting practice located in Hudson, Ohio. Founded in 1987, Legacy has spent more than a quarter-century providing strategic investment advice to both institutions and private wealth investors.

In 1967, John C. Shannon and Stephen J. Hasbrouck met and became colleagues working for a multinational investment firm. After spending a decade advising clients, John and Steve formalized their partnership by joining a leading, regional investment advisory firm, Prescott, Ball & Turben. John and Steve continued their partnership for another decade while they focused on providing investment consulting services despite several firm ownership changes.

In 1987, John and Steve cemented their relationship and formalized their investment consulting service model by founding Legacy Strategic Asset Management. At that time, Legacy already had an impressive client list and nearly $1 billion in assets under advisement. Today, Legacy has grown to 11 investment professionals with over $5 billion of assets under advisement representing over 65 institutional clients and 75 private wealth clients.